Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival
19th edition
14 - 18.10.20

For 18 years, the Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (LUFF) has taken good care not to pamper the public but rather offer projections and performances that go, willfully or not, under the radars of monopoles. The film program digs out gems by also breaking down the barriers of genres, and the music program buries music under music (the absent M in the acronym spells out this joyful dissolution by and through music). But how to give access the larger audience to these adventurous, critical, less visible or simply inaudible propositions without LUFF becoming a radar among others? It is maybe because of its blend of unique artistic expressions and committed propositions, but also its year-round internal running, with 40 people, all volunteers, in charge of the different sectors, who elaborate together utopias in an unlikely organizational laboratory by which LUFF achieves to fulfill its mission: un-earth sound and visual practices to make them accessible to a larger public and shout out loud that they exist outside commercial and authoritarian distribution and diffusion networks.

Contact: contact@luff.ch, prog.music@luff.ch