For 23 years now Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival has been making every effort and using all its energy to let the public discover lesser known artists, marginal practices and innovative know-how. Obstinately rejecting labels like categories, every year the festival takes wicked pleasure in playing with the expectations of the curious public thirsting for new artistic offerings.

While music and cinema are at the foundation of this festival, unique in Switzerland, and are presented in their respective programmes, our programming team has been working for several years to blur the line between them in order to welcome and offer works of a new kind.

As, if it were to be characterised in a few words, LUFF’s singularity is in the attention that year after year the festival has been showing to the experimentations in the artistic sector; offering the artists a listening ear, the tools and the support that enable them to present their work in the best possible conditions.

In an improbable organisational laboratory, three programming committees, made up of 30 volunteers in total, as well as 65 heads of different sectors of the festival, work throughout the year to build utopias. It is perhaps thanks to this internal functioning as well as its unique blend of creative expressions and politically engaged artistic offerings that LUFF succeeds in fulfilling its mission: to unearth and reveal the hidden gems to the public, to shout out loud and clear that other, different sound and visual practices exist outside the commercial and authoritarian networks of production, distribution and exhibition.

Contact: contact@luff.ch, prog.music@luff.ch