Opening Film
«Bad Film», Sion Sono, 1995–2012, Japan

Closing Film
«A Field in England», Ben Wheatley, 2013, United Kingdom

International Feature Film Competition
«Found», Scott Schirmer, 2012, United States
«I Am a Ghost», H.P Mendoza, 2012, United States
«Pig Death Machine», Jon Moritsugu, Amy Davis, 2013, United States
«Thanatomorphose», Eric Falardeau, 2013, Canada
«Worm», Andrew Bowser, 2013, United States

International Short Film Competition
Experimental / Fiction

Jello Biafra: Carte Blanche
Katsu Kanai: The Emperor of Surrealism
Pierre Clémenti: Cinemallucinations
F.J Ossang: The Punk Wave of Total Cinema
Eurociné Night: Zombies Nazis Sex & Scum
Andrey Iskanov: Visions of Nightmares
Walerian Borowczyk: Restored Gems
Marcel Broodthaers: Lectures croisées
Music in Films