LAFF - LUFF Association of F...abulous Friends

LAFF - LUFF Association of F...abulous Friends

In 2023, LUFF was composed of 4 nights of noise, 5 days of cinema, 93 films, 29 live performances, 5 workshops, 4 radio programmes, 1 exhibition and 1 sound installation. It was also 75 people who had thought it up for a whole year, 88 artists who traveled to perform, and more than 150 volunteers who offered their time. After 22 years, this strange event is still standing.

But LUFF is also financially fragile. So much so that each edition seems to be the last. While the festival can now count on its loyal partners to finance the bulk of this insane project, it still needs the support of people who believe in it to keep each edition going.

That's where you come in!

Do you like what you've seen, heard, experienced, missed? Do you love us?
If you're sad to have missed this year's edition and wish there was a next one, become a member of LAFF (LUFF's friends) !
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